Thursday, April 15, 2010

Off Page SEO

Off page SEO techniques are used to get high page rank of your web site. But the question arises here how to get high page rank?
In the world of Internet Marketing off page techniques are always execute outside your web site pages and that is why its called as Off page.
I have mentioned the things which are very important for Off page SEO.

(1) Directory Submission
When we talk about directory submission, there are hundred of link submission directories available on internet which provides back links for our site. From the pricing aspect, usually we have three options
(a)Regular Link
Regular Links are usually free of cost
(b)Featured Link
For Featured link you have to pay. Price vary according to page rank of the directory
(c) Reciprocal Links
Reciprocal Links are also free of cost. You don’t need to pay for them.

(2)Reciprocal Links Building
Reciprocal Links Building is such type of link building in which you simply exchange links. It means you put your site links to other sites or directories, and in your site they place their link.
(3)RSS feeds Submission
There are so many RSS submission directories where we can post RSS feeds which we make during our on page SEO. RSS submission directories are one of the biggest sources of back linking.

(4)Blog Submission
Blogs can be a very useful source for the optimization of site if they are have high profile and relevant. Blogs are usually crawled almost every hour.

(5)Forum Submission
Just like blogs submission, forum submission also crawled after every hour and if they have high
profile and relevant they will be very useful for your site optimization.

(6)Affiliated Marketing
In Affiliated Marketing what we do is this that we promote some other site and in return they promote our site. The main advantage of Affiliated Marketing is this that external links have more worth than internal links.

(7)Press Release Submission
If content is written carefully and it is plagiarism free, in that case Press Release Submission are a big source of search engine marketing. There are so many Press Release directories are available on internet.

(8)XML Site Map Submission
XML Site Map Submission also plays an important role in site optimization.

(9)Google Maps Submission
Site optimization can also be done via Google Maps Submission.

(10)Social Bookmarking
Social bookmarking is indeed the best way to provide back links. If you are exposed to huge public then your site ranking can be up within no time.

(12)Ads Posting
There are many ad posting sites which provide facility of free classified ads. There is time limit of free ads and usually they remain alive till 30 days.

(13)Article Submission
Articles not only provide back links to our site but also they are the source of awareness about our site. People read them and through links also visit our site.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

On page SEO

In SEO there are two types of techniques which are usually applied in SEO.
(1) On page SEO
(2) Offpage SEO

First let’s take a look at On page SEO Techniques:
On page SEO is such a technique in which we optimized content of site in this way that it is easily visible to Google boot.

(1) Meta tags
In a well optimized site the most important thing is meta tag. Meta tags are of so many types but three most important meta tags are 1.Title 2.Keyword 3.Description

(2) URLS Optimization
In On page Optimization second most important thing is URL Optimization. Remember that its very important to optimized the internal page URLS. The reason behind this is if Internal pages URLS are not indexed in search engine then its is almost impossible to optimize the site. Remember that The internal page URLS should have rich keywords and must be well optimized.

(3) Page Contents
In website optimization technique page Contents are indeed the basic requirement and that is why they are most important thing in a website. The content of the page should be keyword rich, keyword density should be at an appropriate level because if it is less than the require it will not help in optimization. But remember that if it is more than the required, Google may consider it as spam.

(4) Internal Linking
It is very important to link the internal page of your web site. Internal linking can be applied on side panels, on header or footer and even in the content.

(5) RSS Feed
It is necessary to make RSS feed for the site. Because of RSS feed increase the number of subscribers and also become a source to increase the traffic on the site.

(6) Site Map
Just like RSS, an XML site map is also a very crucial thing in a website.

(7) Alt Tags
For images Alt tags are very important, because in the absence of this tag crawler does not crawl any image placed on your web site.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Tips for SEO

I have given some tips which are very important for the SEO . These Tips should be used both for Onpage SEO and for Off page SEO.

1. Once you have created your web site, the first step to optimize it is this that submit your websiteto most popular social bookmarking web sites. There are so many social book marking sites like Digg,Reddit and StumbleUpon and so many other, which Google simply Love. So once you submit your site tosuch social book marking sites, Google boots or crawler visit such sites regularly and pick up all newmaterial to index. So if your site is already submitted to these sites, then hopefully Google will pickit within one day.

2. Once your site has been submitted to social media sites, then Submit the XML site map (sometimesalso called site feed) file to Google. What XML sitemap file contains is the links of each page of yourweb site. An XML sitemap file can be easily generated online. As you submit your XML sitemap file toGoogle, you notify them about your site and Google will send its crawler to crawl and index every pageof your site.

3. Write article about your site and submit them to different article web sites and in article
directories. Include the URL of your web site in the article author's resource box, in this way
trafficwill divert to your site.

4. Once your article has been submitted, then submit your web site to search engine friendly
directories. There are so many popular directories such as DMOZ, Yahoo Directory and BOTW. Your sitewill be notice quickly because Google boots visit these directories on daily basis. Remember that all directories are not free. You have to pay for one time submission or in some directories you have today annually. So get the full details before submission.

5. Include HTML text links in your website. Because Google boot use text links in order to know other pages of your website. So by putting HTML text links, you are actually giving permission to them to follow such links and in this way index all remaining pages of your web site.

6.One of the best way to promote your site is to place URL of your web site to social networking
sites.Sites like Facebook and MySpace are the most popular social networking sites and they are indexed bysearch engines regularly. So if your site URL is on such popular social networking sites crawler willget your site and index it quickly.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization is the collection of processes, and the basic purpose of all these processes is to increase the amount of traffic to a web site or on a web page (that can be a blog) from different search engines by applying organic and inorganic techniques. Logic is simple that if the site is on top of a search engine it will simply get more and more traffic from all over the world. Seo target different types of searches which includes local search, image search, and video search. A part of all these types of searches Seo also focus on industry-specific vertical search engines. All these Seo techniques give a proper presence of a web site in cyber world.

In making strategies about Internet marketing, we should focus on this thing that how search engines actually work and what actually people search for? In order to optimize a site first of all we need editing its content and HTML coding as well in order to improve relevancy with particular keywords and to minimize such obstacles to the indexing activities of search engines.

The abbreviation “SEO” also refers to "search engine optimizers". It is a term adopted in the industry of consultants to represent those people who actually carry out all the projects of optimization for the clients, and for such employees who give in- house Services. Search engine optimizers can offer SEO services as a stand-alone service or can be as a part of marketing campaign which is broader in nature. Effective SEO need change in the source code of HTML of a site.SEO techniques should be formed while the development and design of a web site. "search engine friendly” is a term that’s is used describe web site designs, their menus, content management systems, graphics, videos, shopping carts, and other elements which are being optimized for search engine exposure.

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Thursday, April 8, 2010

Internet Marketing

The term internet marketing is usually used to refer i-marketing, online marketing, Search Engine Marketing (SEM) or also called E-Marketing. Internet marketing deals with all the services all over the internet. As we all knows that today internet brought media to a global audience. This entirely unique property of internet is this that it provides most interactive way of marketing by providing instant response.

The term Internet marketing consists of such a broad scope that is beyond our imagination and bigger than our thoughts. Internet marketing does not only refer an e-mail or such a medium that is wireless, but actually it contains systems like electronic customer relationship management or digital customer data system and so on.

Internet Marketing deals with the creative as well as technical aspects of the Internet at the same time. Design, development, advertising, and sales, all are part of Internet Marketing. Internet marketing also refers to the placement of media via different stages of the customer engagement cycle. This can be done via different strategies like search engine marketing (SEM), search engine optimization (SEO), banner ads on specific websites, e-mail marketing, and Web 2.0 strategies. According to New York Times a research done in 2008 shows that the potential for collecting data is 2.500 times upward on average per user per month.